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2019-2020 Tuition and Fees

The heart of The Winchendon School experience is rooted in our approach to individualization. Our students are taught as individuals with unique passions, challenges, and strengths. To that end, Winchendon is committed to enrolling a diverse student body comprised of students who match the mission of our multicultural boarding school. As a result, the school strives to ensure tuition and fees are affordable while still providing an exceptional Winchendon education and experience.

Massachusetts Boarding Campus

  • Day: $22,700
  • 5-Day Boarding: $52,000
  • 7-Day Boarding: $63,650
  • 7-Day "In-Network" Boarding: $52,000 - (For families living within 25 miles of the NYC Campus - who choose the MA campus as boarding students)

NYC Campus - Day only

  • Tuition - $35,000 - Note - this is approximately 30% less than most other leading NYC private schools and other schools providing similar levels of engagement and support.

Academic Support (Learning Advocacy) (ALL Campuses)

  • Comprehensive Support: $11,900 annually
  • Foundational Support: $4,800 annually
  • Intermediate Support: $3,400 annually
  • Transitional Support:  $2,000 annually

SMARTS+ (ALL Campuses) 

  • Executive Functioning Classes: $2,000 annually

Evening Skills Program (MA Campus Only)

  • $5,500 (annual fee)

International Students (MA Campus Only)

  • Administrative Fee: $1,500
  • Medical Insurance: $1,950-12 month plan (required, including Canadians)
  • Medical Insurance: $1765-10 month plan (required, including Canadians)

ESL Program (MA Campus Only)

  • Program Fee: $7,200 (required classes determined by the Academic Dean)

Payment Plans

We partner with FACTS to manage the billing and collection of tuition and other fees. Each family has an account with FACTS to view tuition and to make payments online.

Payment plans for tuition are available for non-international families and must be set up with FACTS. Most families set up ten monthly payments beginning May 1, 2019, continuing through February 1, 2020.

Application Checklist

Seven and Five Day Boarding Options Fact Sheet

Financial Aid

At The Winchendon School, we know to achieve a diverse school community our tuition needs to be inline with a wide range of incomes. We do this by working with our families to understand your personal circumstances.