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The American Experience | English Language and American Culture Immersion

The American Experience | English Language and American Culture Immersion.
美国学习经历| 英语语言和美国文化融合

Six-week academic program for ages 13 - 19. This class is a good transition for students wishing to apply to an American boarding school.
6 week, 1 Credit, Boarding US $8,100
在6周中获得1个学分  寄宿学费    8100美元
DATE: June 24 - August 3rd, 2018
日期: 2018年6月24日 - 8月3日
OPTIONS: 2, 3, 4, and 5-week options available without credit.
2, 3, 4, 5周也有课程安排没有学分
AGES: 7th - 12th Grade, Ages 13 - 19
年龄:7 - 12 年级, 13-19岁

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ColLAB Save per session:
Boarding $150, Day $75

Math and ESL Save per session:
Boarding $500, Day $120

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The American Experience | English Language and American Culture Immersion.
美国学习经历| 英语语言和美国文化融合

Students 13 to 19 from all over the world are invited to attend The Winchendon School’s Summer Programs The American Experience | English Language and American Culture Immersion. With a focus on communication skills through an introduction to American culture, morning classes develop listening and speaking skills. Our program instructors are members of The Winchendon School’s ESL Department and are ESL specialists. Morning classroom time will concentrate on skill-building exercises. Students will expand their vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, and improve writing skills. Homework is assigned nightly and may include an introduction to American literature and United States history. Students will expand Afternoon sessions work on American culture through organized activities such as games, field trips to local historical parks, and museums. We combine academic classroom work with cultural interaction, travel experience, and traditional American summer camp experiences (cookouts, swimming, canoeing, as examples). Students will interact with American day and boarding students attending other camps on campus.

全世界13岁到19岁的学生都能到Winchendon中学来上暑期项目,美国学习经历| 英语语言和美国文化融合。 通过对美国文化的学习集中训练学生的沟通能力,上午课程是针对学生培养听力和会话的能力。我们的项目老师是Winchendon中学英语作为第二语言部门的教师也是这门课程的专家。上午的课程将集中于技能的培养训练。学生将扩大他们的词汇量,提高阅读理解能力,提高写作技巧。每天晚上有作业,同时可能包括美国文学和美国历史的前章的内容。学生们将在下午参加各种有组织的活动,如比赛,通过对当地历史公园和博物馆的实地考察等来增进对美国文化的了解。我们把文化交流,旅行经历和传统美国夏令营的经历(郊外野餐,游泳,划独木舟等)与课堂教学混合在一起。学生们将和美国走读生和寄宿生一起参加校园里的其他夏令营。

  • Work on comprehension skills including communication and collaboration
  • 通过沟通与合作学习理解技能
  • Learn vocabulary and important phrases in “everyday English”
  • 学习词汇和重要的“每日英语”短语
  • Read books and assigned articles matching their reading level
  • 阅读书籍和布置与学生阅读水平相当的读物
  • Write narratives about their summer experiences
  • 写作有关他们的夏日经历
  • Practice listening and grammar skills
  • 练习听写和语法技巧


Is This The Right Course For You?
  • You are an English Language Learner with a minimum TOEFL score of 40.
  • You are interested in making the transition from a school in your home country to an American boarding school.
  • You want to learn more about American culture and experience an American style summer with trips to the beach and exploring New England.