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ColLAB Summer Camps

Each two-week session for Acting, Art, or Outdoor Adventure programs are designed for ages 13 - 19.
2 week Sessions Boarding US $1,800 | Day US $595
DATE: June 24 - August 3rd, 2018
TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm Day Camps
OPTIONS: 2-week camps with day or boarding options, combine any three for a total of 6 weeks.
AGES: 8th - 12th Grade, Ages 13 - 19

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Painting the Masters (June 24th - July 6th)
Learn classical oil painting from the Renaissance to the present. Beginners wanting to learn to paint and seasoned artists wishing to better their craft will choose their favorite artist to imitate.  By exploring Master Painters and how they made works of art, students will learn how to paint like them, putting on a Master Art Show at the end of the session.

Dinosaur Field Camp (June 24th - July 6th)
Find your inner explorer. Campers will start their expedition at the Boston Museum of Science, where students will meet with a paleontologist and learn how to set up a dig site and what it really means to be a scientist. Once campers learn this important information, they will set out and discover a fossil bed site. Campers will have the chance to conducted a paleontological study in the field. We will camp out in the field and conduct a full paleontological dig. Campers will practice uncovering and cataloging material in the field. Opportunities may include a trip to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and a trip to see dinosaur footprints in Hadley Massachusetts.

Ancient Asian Ink Painting (July 22nd - August 3rd)
Campers will learn the ancient art of brush stroke painting, first on paper and end with Belgian linen. Campers will also learn to sew and prepare their own banners prior to painting on them. Ancient ink painting is exquisite, difficult, and is a wonderful venue for campers who want to learn the meditation of painting calmly, quietly, and with great focus. This course will culminate in a large-scale hallway project in which the campers create pieces to hang for public display. Campers will write Artist Statements about the art process, and visiting The Harvard Museums to have a private tour of the University’s  Pigment archive of original pigments around the world, along with a tour of their Asian collection of silk screens. Students will also have the opportunity to eat lunch in Harvard Square.

New England BioBlitz (July 8th - July 20th)
Study the changing and diverse ecosystems from Mt. Monadnock to Plymouth, MA. you’ll be collecting data in the field and conducting original scientific research in the New England Region. Opportunities may include river surveys (macroinvertebrates, and water chemistry), tree surveys, bird point count surveys, we’ll follow your interests. We’ll be on and off campus from hereto the coast looking at how species change along the way.

Theater Camp (July 22 - August 3rd)
Bring on the drama! Craft a play from scratch. Campers will explore how to write scenes, create characters, and put on a performance over the course of this summer immersive. This camp is designed to give a crash course introduction to the art of theatre and performance and will culminate in a play written and performed by Summer Program campers. If you are interested in performance, playwriting, ensemble theatre, and movement, you are encouraged to sign up!

Fly Fishing 101 (July 8th - July 20th AND July 22nd - August 3rd)
(Required gear will be provided to students.)
Campers will be competent to fly fish by themselves or with others. They will learn the various aspects of fly fishing: reading water for bait and game fish, sampling water for bait present, determining where in the water column the fish are likely to be, basic forward casting, roll cast, using sinking-tip line, using full sinking line, tying their own leaders, tying flies onto their tippets.  Campers will know how to practice catch-and-release and understand the ethics of fly fishing as it pertains to other fishermen and to the environment in which they are fishing. Local fishing areas include The Millers River, Millers Pond, Dunn Park, Willard BrookState Park, and Lake Dennison State Park.

Space Camp (July 22nd - August 3rd)
Campers become a member of an astronaut training camp and develop physical, mental, and practical science skills. Opportunities may include, indoor skydiving, traveling to the Hayden Planetarium, and going to the National Aerospace Museum in Washington DC. Students will also have the chance to conduct “spacewalks”, “fly ships”, and work on rovers.


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