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Don’t Let COVID 19 Disrupt Your High School Success

Advantage and Boost Virtual Classes
Summer Design ColLABs
for Summer 2020 

High Contact Virtual Learning. 

Don’t let this current pandemic and financial crisis disrupt your high school education - you can come out on top, and have a good time being successful in the classes you don’t necessarily like or in pursuing an independent project or job - for credit!

Just like every other course or program offered by The Winchendon School, these Advantage and Boost classes incorporate the following in order to ensure student success: 

  • Highly Personalized, “Micro” Virtual Classes - provide for more progress and growth in less time.
  • The same multimodal learning practices that make regular session fall and spring classes at Winchendon superior.
  • Engaging content and topics that are more interesting to you - and which will make the development of the skills that will be most helpful to you easier.
Three different (types) of classes are being offered for the summer of 2020:
  • Full credit Winch Advantage classes (2-5 students) and AdvantagePlus (1 on 1). These can be to make up a class that you didn’t do as well as you would have liked or to jump ahead.
  • Winch Boost classes for reviewing and previewing courses, skills development and college application preparation.
  • Summer Design ColLABs (full and half credits) - you will be able to earn either a full or a half course credit for a summer project dedicated to an area of study that is related to your passions. This could be an independent study, an internship or volunteer position, an innovation project, an online course, or a certification -- the only requirements are that yours is a project in a field that you are dedicated to explore - and that you commit yourself to the endeavor! 

Get More Information about Advantage, Boost, and Summer ColLABs
Classes begin soon. Get started on your application now.

What Type Of Teen Is Right For The Summer Program?

Are you eager to make a strong start this fall in your classes?

Did the disruption from the pandemic disrupt your progress this spring?  

Do you want to try to get ahead so that you can create more time to pursue the things that are most important to you? 

Do you want to get a jump on the college application process or add a differentiating experience to your transcript? 

Let Winchendon Summer School help you get ahead. Investment in your summer will pay dividends this fall.

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