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Students run a thrift store to address local needs.

Service Learning

Service Learning is a year-long, student-led, project-based curriculum in which students identify a problem or issue in the community around them and then work to fix it in collaborative groups. Service Learning is another element of the Winchendon experience where student interests reign supreme: from the theater to animal rights, from the impact of addiction to protecting the environment - whatever it is that our students feel the world needs. They put together the ideas, resources, and plan to make it happen.  Service Learning is as important as any course of study at Winchendon, as not only are the students practicing the core disciplines of problem solving, comprehension and communication, but they also have the opportunity to develop empathy, resourcefulness, adaptability, resilience and collaborative skills--and SL may be the single greatest opportunity for teens to develop leadership skills.

Course Offerings
Stories from Service Learning

Building Naturally: A Service Learning Story

By Winchendon Admissions | November 6, 2019

“Most buildings,” Lydia Doleman says, “are built from processed materials that don’t come from the surrounding environment.” Doleman, a natural builder, and non-profit startup founder came to campus this past week to teach Service Learning…