Student safety is a top priority.

Dorm Safety

Our community fosters tight relationships that hold us all accountable to each other. We are proud of the respect that our students show each other, and proud of our faculty members who foster nurturing relationships amongst each other and with their own students. In addition:

  • Each dormitory student is provided with an in-room safe or lockable drawer that should be used for keeping personal items safe
  • All dorms are assigned by gender preference.  Dormitory rooms, hallways, and the lounges of all dorms are off-limits to students of the opposite gender, except during open common area times while a faculty member is present.
  • At least one dorm parent lives on each floor.

Precautions & Protocols

We take several measures to avert emergencies. In the case of a major event, we have partnerships to supply extra resources.

  • Participate in practice fire, evacuation, and safety drills department
  • Emergency Management Guide Stations setup throughout the school
  • Situational training for implementing the A.L.I.C.E. protocol for entire faculty and staff 
  • COP Sync utilizes Connect 5 to message all faculty, staff, students, and parents/guardians to relay information (State of the art emergency notification systems)
  • Partner with several outside agencies and experts in the field of school safety, including the Winchendon Fire and Police Departments

Healthcare & Support

We have a Student Health Center, several local facilities, and are just over an hour away from the best hospitals in the world. In the event of a medical emergency, we will make arrangements for students to get the appropriate care they require.


Monday November 27

All Students Return By 7pm