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A Street Art Story

Of Bishop, Nock & Street Art: A ColLAB Story

By Winchendon Admissions | August 7, 2018

“Street artists aren’t trying to push any sort of message. They’re trying to make their audience think and everyone has their own interpretation,” Nan E.’21 emphasized during her presentation at the ColLAB symposium. Nan was among several students who traveled to New York City to study street art and to learn about today’s artists. There…

Intern, using failure

Using Failure in Order to Teach Success

By Winchendon Admissions | July 19, 2018

Noah S. ’17 has it all figured out. The Computer Science major has his course load for the next three years and he knows starting his own company after he receives his Masters is his best path to achieve his goals. More importantly, Noah understands the importance of failure to learn success. This principle was…

Parlance The Winchendon School

Parlance: Literary Magazine of The Winchendon School

By Winchendon Admissions | July 16, 2018

Parlance, the literary and art magazine of The Winchendon School is designed to recognize student effort and excellence in the art and craft of writing. The publication is illustrated with student art and photography. Parlance: The Student Literary Magazine

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