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Be Part Of History. Help Build The Future.

Make Your Mark.

Conceptual sketch of the terrace by Sydney Comire '21.
Conceptual sketch of the terrace by Sydney Comire '21.


Are you looking for that perfect gift for that special person or persons? ...a gift that will last for decades? ...a gift that will make a great group of students smile? ...and a gift that is tax-deductible? 

Example of a paver.

Winchendon is offering alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff and students a special opportunity to be part of our Centennial Terrace celebrating the first one hundred years of our School’s history. 

The Centennial Terrace project is one aspect of one of the most exciting new building projects at Winchendon in the last decade.  The goal is to create a series of student centers across the campus in order to meet the diverse interests and evolving needs of our student body:

  • A larger new student center for informal gathering, relaxing and fun, with new doors opening onto patios on both sides in Marr will be the central hub for the students in the heart of the campus.
  • Posich will be upgraded into a new music studio for formal practices, informal jam and recording sessions, and small performances and coffee shops.
  • The current main lobby in Ford Hall will be transformed into a lounge for quiet relaxation, study, and reflection.
  • The lounge in Merrell/Jaffe basement will be transformed into a digital arts and esports center.
  • An outdoor commons with firepit, grills and picnic area will be created in the area between Marr, Rhoads, the Rotenberg Gym, and Posich.
  • And it will all be supported by a mobile “GrubHub” - a mobile food trailer that can be moved among these locations and other events such as games and gatherings.

The proceeds of the Centennial Terrace Paver Project will help fund this exciting creation of new spaces for our students while creating an opportunity to celebrate memories, events, friendships and those who made a difference for so many.  For more information on the whole student centers initiative, please click here. Our goal is to complete construction of the Centennial Terrace early in the spring of 2020. 

Need Another Reason To Purchase A Paver? How About Ten?

The goal is that all will celebrate and honor former teachers and coaches, friends, those that made it all possible, or perhaps that memorable event - with an inscribed tile in the terrace.

Borrowing a technique from David Letterman(!), here are the top 10 reasons to consider dedicating a paver to be included in Winchendon’s new Centennial Terrace:


10. Recognize a teacher who made school work for you 5. Thank your parents or whoever made it possible for you to attend TWS
9. Congratulate your child or grandchild on their great accomplishment 4. Thank that teacher who helped your son or daughter discover success
8. Celebrate or honor that group of close buddies 3. Memorialize an event, a championship, or the big win
7. Remember a buddy whose memories will always brighten your days 2. Make sure that you are always where the fun is
6. Honor a coach who made you better 1. Celebrate your graduation!

We hope that you will consider adding your memories - whether fun or serious - to the Terrace so that they will become part of the physical history of our school and be celebrated for ages to come. Becoming part of  Centennial Terrace is a wonderful way for Winchendon students and alumni to encourage those following in their footsteps and to thank those who contributed to their experience, for Winch parents and grandparents to honor their students, and for community members to support a Winchendon education.

Be part of history. Help build the future. Make your mark.  Ensure that the next century is more fun!