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Learning Strategies: Profile of a Hatch Center Student

The Individualized Learning Strategies and Support Program (ILSS) at TWS is specifically designed for high school students who are ready to be in an academically rigorous and highly collaborative learning setting, but who will be most successful when their daily experience incorporates significant personalized academic and emotional support. 


ILSS students participate in the mainstream Winchendon School experience, yet have time to concurrently engage in customized learning support ensuring their continued development of cognitive skills and strategies within our college preparatory program. This additional support will take on a variety of different forms depending on each student’s unique learning profile, but will include most of the following elements:

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  • Skills development, learned and practiced in the context of current academic projects, assignments, and assessments.
  • Significant behind-the-scenes coordination, communication, planning, and training that goes on on behalf of each LC student every week.   Each ILSS student benefits from intensive behind-the-scenes coordination, communication, planning, and training that includes all members of each student’s team. Effective personalization is achieved through understanding: how to best engage each student, which pedagogical methods and approaches will be effective for that student, what remediation or accommodations that student needs if the student needs alternative courses or curriculum modification. 
  • Study hall support five evenings each week to support them in their independent work. Study hall ensures that assignments and projects are understood and planned for and that students work to get a good start on those assignments that will be most challenging.
  • Regular small group sessions that target specific needs as they arise, including strategies for building effective collaborative and group skills, overcoming school-related anxiety, developing strategies for test taking, and strengthening organizational habits. 
  • Curriculum modifications for students who have a specific learning “gap”, skill deficiency, or missing credit for an additional fee.      
It Ends with Student Success
The goal of the LSP is to accelerate the growth of each participating student and to instill in each of them the strategies, habits, and confidence that will propel the student to success at college and beyond.   The following examples of just some of the universities and colleges to which recent alumni of both the School and the Program have matriculated:
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