"I believe the single most important part of the program is ColLABs. It allows us to learn about new things with hands-on experiences and gives us a chance to learn about what we want to do." Matt G. ‘16

Lifelong Friendships

You will develop lifelong bonds with people from all over the world. Here, you will have the opportunity to understand cultures, debate different worldviews, and even travel internationally with your friends.


The heart of The Winchendon School experience is in immersive real-world experiences. Our flagship programs - ColLABs, Global Dynamics, and Service Learning - offer countless opportunities to explore the world AND what’s right in your backyard.


With 21+ sport programs to choose from, athletes at The Winchendon School are able to play their favorite sports without compromising their academics or artistic interests. When you play, trust that the whole community is cheering you on.

Monday November 27

All Students Return By 7pm