Why does Winchendon have a Ukulele Club?  Of all the clubs that a prep school might have, a ukulele club doesn’t seem like the most obvious.  But last year, it was something that a group of students and teachers were interested in - and so it took off - students and teachers having some fun together while learning something fun in the evenings.  That’s the way that the best groups seem to start.  We’re not sure what’s next.  It could be a sushi lover’s sisterhood, a roller derby team, or a beat poetry group, or an animation studio.  What are you interested in?

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Some of the other groups that have recently been active include:
  • Women in STEM
  • Math Team
  • Robotics
  • Model UN
  • Video gaming
  • Sustainability
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Diversity Club
  • Jazz Band
  • A capella

And there are others and will always be new ones.  Will you join one of these, or want to start a new endeavor?

One of the great opportunities in coming to Winchendon is the opportunity to try new things and explore new ideas.   Never had the chance to go snowboarding, to throw a pot, or to sing?   Every year we have kids who take to the stage for the first time, learn how to code, or tie on a pair of skates and chase a puck around.  It’s all about the confident “jock” who finds out that getting involved with Service Learning is her passion, or the scatter-minded sophomore boy who finds that acting on stage helps bring order and happiness to the rest of his life.  The possibilities are unlimited.

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Through all of these activities - the special days of learning including MLK, Earth and Anti-Bullying among others, the organized activities in the afternoons, evenings and weekends, and the spontaneous ones that pop up, such as a group watching a movie or ordering a calzone together - you will make the most amazing friendships.   Some of these will be with people that you would have never guessed - the students from very different backgrounds or the teacher of that subject that used to be your least favorite.   And most of them will last way beyond your years in high school.  We hear about this dynamic all of the time as alumni from 10, 30 and 50 years ago how close they are with people that they would have never had the chance to meet.   Join us and build your new network.