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Computer Science

Coding and Programming have been described by many as potentially the most important skill set to be developed in high school students for future success.  College Board, the provides of the SAT, recently concluded that programming is one of the two most important skills that graduating high schoolers should have to ensure future success.  The other?  A working knowledge of the U.S. Constitution (see Global Dynamics!).   Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist and author of "The World is Flat" among many other books, wrote the following in a February 2019 op-ed piece:

"Their short answer was that if you want to be an empowered citizen in our democracy — able to not only navigate society and its institutions but also to improve and shape them, and not just be shaped by them — you need to know how the code of the U.S. Constitution works. And if you want to be an empowered and adaptive worker or artist or writer or scientist or teacher — and be able to shape the world around you, and not just be shaped by it — you need to know how computers work and how to shape them."

Winchendon offers both semester long courses in programming and computer science - as well as the opportunity to pursue interests in digital skills much deeper through ColLABs, independent study, and the Hybrid Learning Consortium.  

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