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Will sing for food and friends!

Sometimes it gets competitive … in the most fun ways.  Ever seen “Minute To Win It?” on TV?   Now imagine playing it with 250 of your friends and teachers.   Teams go crazy.   Perhaps your strength is helping your classmates out by jumping up for the Friday morning quiz show, or designing the next banner for your dorm.  Sometimes the contest may be games of the mind or the most creative, and others might challenge the group’s athletic prowess, or its artistic abilities, but it is almost always about teamwork and having some fun!

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Weekends are time for relaxing - and a little fun.   A pick-up dodgeball, basketball or futsal game in the gym or a flag football down on the indoor turf field will get the blood moving.  Cheer a friend’s team on or watch a performance.   And then there will be time to relax, perhaps over sushi and a movie with a group of friends, or for the shoppers, a trip to the mall or the outlet center.  There are trips to the great outdoors, or into downtown Boston.  Some of the most memorable moments are when a group gets together for an open mic coffee shop.  Activities are organized for every weekend, but then there is also important time to catch your breath, get some extra sleep, and get ready for the week ahead.

Food is always important!  We are very fortunate to have a great dining staff providing terrific food - in a beautiful room.  How good is the food?  Most of the faculty and staff choose to take most of their meals on campus with their families - and guests from the greater community love to come to visit for a meal.   Winchendon’s weekend brunch is said to be one of the best in the region.  Parents seem to love to visit for brunch!  And when you want something different, there are a wide variety of breakfast, coffee, pizza, Asian and other outlets within walking distance of the campus.  

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One of the important things about Winchendon is that there is always something interesting or fun to get involved with.   Want to find other kids who love FIFA, NBA2K17 or some other video game, or is practicing piano on your own or with a small group more your thing? Ever had an interest in robotics, wanting to code, or maybe fishing? Perhaps there is nothing more relaxing than playing a couple of holes of golf or enjoying a nice cup of tea with friends.  There are many organized clubs and activities, and  even many more opportunities to do something fun and relaxing with your friends and teachers.  

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