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Your health and safety are very important to us

Winchendon isn’t just a great location for ColLABs and independent projects in health, wellness and safety.   Our Massachusetts campus is near some of the country’s and world’s top medical teams - whether it be an emergency or a planned procedure.  We have a great health team on campus led by Mary Pat Velasco, who can help you access the best resources.   Student athletes are supported by a  skilled athletic trainer, we have implemented a concussion safety program, and we have a leadership team focused on student and campus safety.   

Mary Pat Velasco

For the smaller needs, our in-house health team coordinates with The Winchendon Health Center (<2 miles from campus) and Heywood Hospital in Gardner (<8 miles).   While the Health Center is more focused on internal and family medicine, dealing with flu, small fractures and the day-to-day maladies, there are a wide variety of specialists are accessible through the Heywood in most medical disciplines for not just care but rehab as well.  The Health Services team also helps our students and their families access a range of mental health services when needed.

Heywood Hospital

And when it is time to take care to highest level in almost any discipline, some of the finest resources in the world are available in Boston at a variety of hospitals including Children’s Hospital, Mass Eye and Ear, Dana Farber, Mass General, Tufts Medical, Beth Israel Deaconess, and Brigham and Women’s among many others.   One hopes that these aren’t necessary, but it is important to know that they are nearby - and that our Health Service team has coordinated student care with most if not all of these providers in the past.

Mass Hospitals

While no one likes that late evening fire drill or having to learn emergency practices, student safety and wellness are our highest priorities.  We think about student and campus safety constantly. Practices and drills are a frequent occurrences.  A safety team incorporating leadership from all facets of the organization meets regularly to review protocol and ensure preparedness.   The School works closely with the Winchendon Police and Fire Departments as well as state agencies, and digital communications systems are in place for both students and parents/guardians.

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