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Why does Winchendon have a Ukulele Club?  Of all the clubs that a prep school might have, a ukulele club doesn’t seem like the most obvious.  But last year, it was something that a group of students and teachers were interested in - and so it took off - students and teachers having some fun together while learning something fun in the evenings.  That’s the way that the best groups seem to start.  We’re not sure what’s next.  It could be a sushi lover’s sisterhood, a roller derby team, or a beat poetry group, or an animation studio.  What are you interested in?

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Some of the other groups that have recently been active include:
  • Women in STEM
  • Math Team
  • Robotics
  • Model UN
  • Video gaming
  • Sustainability
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Diversity Club
  • Jazz Band
  • A capella

And there are others and will always be new ones.  Will you join one of these, or want to start a new endeavor?