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Generations of our alumni regularly refer to Winchendon as their second home, or talk about how one of a current or former faculty member was a special friend and mentor.   Decades after they graduate, alumni come together to share memories as if they just happened a couple of days ago.  Alumni always ask whether we are still tapping maple trees, playing spring golf or frisbee on warm evenings, firing up the pizza oven, or whether this restaurant or that still makes the same calzone or General Tso's Chicken.  At Winchendon, there will be opportunities to get involved from when you first roll over in the morning until you climb into bed at the end of each day.

There is almost always something going on, from events organized by student life leadership to weekend activities.  Trips, fun on-campus games, inter-dorm or class competitions, food, raucous games and quiet groups enjoying a movie or a show.
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You and we hope that you won’t need Health Services, but you should sleep better knowing that Winchendon students have ready access to some of the greatest doctors and nurses in the world.  And when it is just cold or an upset stomach, our own nurses are right on campus.  Is it a little bit weird that plenty of students like to just stop in at the health center and hang out?
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Your advisor and your advisee group become important in your life. You will meet with your advisor regularly, and more importantly, he or she will always be there as a resource, a mentor and a friend for you.
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Have you ever been part of a group of 50 kids all playing the same video game in one big room?   Looked forward to heading off to Stowe or one of the other Vermont mountains for a weekend of skiing?  Wanted to go eat sushi or Indian food with a group of friends?  Or improve your math or science skills by joining the robotics or math teams?
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