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What are some of the things that my advisor will do with me?

  • Assist you in setting and reflecting on goals.
  • Guide you in making all kinds of decisions.
  • Make sure that you are always in the right courses and programs.
  • Help make sure that there are effective communications between you, your parents, your teachers and coaches.
  • Help you make the most out of Exploratory, Service Learning and ColLAB opportunities
  • Be there when you need someone to talk to or kick ideas around with.
  • And be someone to have some fun with!

A student’s advisory group is a central piece of his or her educational experience at Winchendon.  Each student works with a faculty advisor who oversees all aspects of the student’s progress, and gets to know the students in more casual settings and individual meetings. Advisors stay attuned to trends in their advisees’ performance and are there to assist and support their advisees and help them navigate as opportunities and challenges arise.

Advisor L2 Delaney and Naz

Our students work with their advisors to reflect upon their academic growth and development in all aspects of the Winchendon experience while identifying strategies and habits for further success. This includes reflecting on recent work and activities, and setting and revisiting goals.

Your advisor will be an especially important partner and resource as you figure out your schedule, your courses and your overall program.  Should I take a foreign language?   What should I do for my upcoming ColLAB?  Can I play basketball and try out for the play?   How do I apply for a part-time job or an internship?   All of these are important aspects of your individual program, and your advisor is the person to help you navigate the many opportunities.   Advisors work with their students to identify and organize priorities for learning, work, and play. They then help those students track progress, assisting students in the development of essential life skills like organization, prioritization, time-management, and responsibility.

Advisee L2 Miyuke and Lexie

An advisor at Winchendon is much more than a teacher assigned to a teenager; he/she serves as a mentor and guide who assists each student in their social, emotional, and intellectual growth.