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Idea Design ColLAB


ColLABs (short for Collaborative Laboratory) Courses are elective-style workshops based on one of three types of learning experiences:

  • Faculty-led, immersive classes with extensive project and field-based learning
  • Student-designed (with teachers as mentors) independent projects in areas of specific interest
  • Internships

Regular classes are set aside for the last two weeks of each semester so that students can pursue ColLABs of their choosing - all of which emphasize fundamental skills and habits central to The Winchendon School: character, collaboration, resilience, resourcefulness, and adaptability, just to name a few. Risk-taking is encouraged, and the design process and experience are often as important as the actual ColLAB itself.

Immersive learning through ColLABorative studies at The Winchendon School means our students have achieved subject mastery and personal growth through our experience-based learning. This can look different for different students. For some students, it may look like an internship at a non-profit learning how to fundraise, while for another student it may be writing a research paper on The Detection Mechanism of Gravitational Waves Emitted from a Type 1A Supernovae.

ColLABs end with a symposium giving the students an opportunity to share their knowledge and research with an appreciative audience. In short, ColLAB Symposium is the centerpiece of our commitment to immersive education.

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