Tamara Maravalli

Tamara Maravalli

Union College, BA, NY, 2015

Humanities, Soccer, Hockey, Dorm Parent.

There is nothing like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for this Rutland, VT native, but Tamara has been known to explore some other cultures and cuisines. She spent five months living in Argentina with a big highlight being a skydiving adventure over the Mendoza vineyards. Her teaching philosophy flows from Wordsworth’s wise words – “…what we have loved, others will, and we will teach them how”. But, just so you know Tamara is still working to properly pronounce gerunds.

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By the way...

  • Winchendon class or ColLAB on your list: The Philippines ColLAB trip
  • Song to start the day: Something from Joe Nichols (and make it sunny and 75 please)
  • Hero: Steve Jobs, the epitome of innovation
  • Favorite place and books on hand: Sitting on the beach with Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle