Shannon Stacy

Shannon Stacy

SUNY Potsdam, BS, NY, 2009

Humanities, Math, Dorm Parent, Residential Life Director.

If a stage and microphone available, Shannon is apt to be ready to entertain. As Residential Life Director Shannon has the requisite sense of humor. Her classes hum with student engagement. Leave it to Shannon to make Algebra 2 a popular class. She makes many “guest appearances” throughout the school year, but an annual highlight (for Shannon and her fans) is her star turn in the faculty’s year-end video, a treat for the Senior Class. Shannon says, “After being Katy Perry for two straight years, I began calling myself ‘Stacy Perry’.” Shannon and spouse, Alicia Jordan, can always be spotted cheering on Winchendon’s teams frequently accompanied by their Schnoodle sidekick, Riley. In the classroom, Shannon aims to incorporate life lessons and fun into her teaching, and…maybe a little singing!

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By the way...

  • Go-to comfort food: Pot roast!  It’s my favorite thing to smell as soon as I open the door to our apartment after a long day of cooking in the crockpot!
  • Globetrotting adventure: Ireland.  Where I filled my days with pot roasts, hiking, and sheep viewing!
  • Heroine: Every hard-working woman out there
  • Just so you know: If I could, my car of choice would be a John Deere tractor.