Sarah Brandwood

Sarah Brandwood

Boston College, BA, MA, 2013

Humanities, Languages, Community Outreach Team, Lacrosse Coach, Dorm Parent.

What happens when you mix together a 9,000 mile road trip, 27 months with the Peace Corps, 4 years of rugby, and a degree in English Literature? Sarah Brandwood is what happens! We can thank Sarah’s parents, both teachers, for sending her along the path of teaching, and, as luck would have it, having her land at The Winchendon School.


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By the way...

Thoughts on teaching: Having that sense of the impact you can make and the constant renewal of working with new students is a piece of the puzzle I never saw from my parents, but I have grown to value it maybe most of all.

Superpower of choice: Flying – traffics kills me!

Favorite place and book: A lake in the woods around where I grew up is probably my favorite place. You have to walk for about a mile and half to get there, and that means no one is ever there. Between the short walk and the physical beauty, it’s the perfect head-clearing excursion. I would love someone to bury a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo out there–better than treasure.

Which Winchendon class would you most like to take?: If I had to choose just one I would like to see what’s going on in Mr. Harris’ Athletic Training ColLAB.