Papa Lo ‘07

Papa Lo ‘07

Bryant University, BS, RI, 2011

Math, Soccer, Basketball, Dorm Parent.

With his quiet chuckle (or maybe it’s that he is 6’10”) Papa has the knack of engaging with Winchendon’s students – in the classroom, in the gym, in the dorm, and on the field. He enters classroom with this guiding thought, “a teacher not as someone with power but someone with a lot of responsibilities.” A Senegalese native he left home to finish high school at – you guessed it – The Winchendon School! Papa, wife Moumy ‘09, and their two kids, Pathe and Aminata, live on campus. A two-time NEPSAC Class C coach of year Papa knows his way around the basketball court…and around Winchendon!

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By the way...

  • Hero: My Dad is my Hero which is why I named my son Pathe after him
  • Superpower of choice: I would love to be able to fly and go to place or country whenever I want. Due to the fact that I am afraid of heights, I will choose to be invisible.
  • Favorite Winchendon tradition: Mountain Day would be my favorite. It is fascinating to watch students and faculty do something they wouldn’t have done if they did not come to Winchendon. I would never have done Mount Monadnock on my own.  I guess I am one of two teachers who had the privilege of climbing the mountain both as a student and as a teacher.
  • Song to start the day: “I FEEL GOOD” by James Brown or “Don’t worry, be happy” by Bob Marley