Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris

Fitchburg State University, MEd, MA, 2006
Fitchburg State University, BS, MA, 2003


Humanities, Dean of Academics and Student Support, .

Kelly and her husband, Jon, live on campus in Elkins House with two rather busy young men, Miles and Kyler, and their 2 dogs. A talented baker and cook, she regularly indulges Winchendon’s students and her colleagues with great food. Kelly puts her remarkable educational and organizational skills to the test every day as Director of Student Support and Faculty Development. She is passionate about unleashing the potential of each student, and she makes sure that the teachers are trained in the best individualization practices and strategies. If all that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she is always pitching in to help organize the next event for the students, whether it is a day at the amusement park, a dance or any of many other fun events.

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By the way...

  • Song to start the day: “One Week” by the Bare Naked Ladies
  • Thoughts on teaching: “I will be your teacher, but you will also be my teachers. Come and let us learn together.” – Unknown
  • Globetrotting adventure: Mahon, Menorca
  • Go to comfort food: Chicken Soup with ginger and garlic, made with my favorite helpers, my two boys!
  • Favorite place and books on hand: The beach with a Kindle, please!