Katie Harkins

Katie Harkins

American University, MA, BA, DC, 2013

Humanities, Languages, Yearbook, Summer E-Project.

Katie has a repertoire of Annie Oakley skills thanks to her Boy Scout scoutmaster (not a typo – that scoutmaster was her father). That’s right – she can cut down a tree, shoot a rifle, and weave a basket underwater. She may deserve a new scouting badge for successfully training her extremely reactive dog, Beni, to sit and lie down! And, she is a big fan of Socrates – ““I always enjoyed Socrates; there’s nothing more admirable than admitting you know nothing.”

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By the way...

  • Favorite Winchendon tradition: I love passing the torch to the underclassmen through awards, and I especially love the lobster dinner!
  • Song to start your class: “Twist & Shout”. My classes tend to be energetic and loud!
  • Which Winchendon class or ColLAB would you most like to take: I would love to take Mathenomics with Mr. Chretien. Their investment game is always one of the most exciting things to follow, and I would love some advice on what I should invest in.
  • Little known obsession: Cheese of every kind. This has led to her wheedling Winchendon’s chefs to make baked brie.