Jared Magee

Jared Magee

Arkansas Tech University, MA, AR, 2006
Arkansas Tech University, BA, AR, 2005


Humanities, Languages, Math, Science, Model UN, Swimming.

Part of Winchendon’s small, but proud, southern contingent, Jared’s many faceted interests are reflected both in and out of his classrooms and extra-curricular activities. This self-described “ pragmatic dreamer, a dreamy pragmatist, a poet, a musician (three released albums), and a student of life” has an explorative streak. Towards his goal of touching down on all seven continents he has scored four of them – Africa, South America, and Antarctica remain…maybe there is a ColLAB to be devised with those destinations in mind!

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By the way...

  • Favorite Winchendon event: The family-style, sit-down meals where we sit by our advisory groups have been quite special for me; being so far away from my home in Arkansas, this tradition has helped me make Winch my northern home!
  • Go-to comfort food: A full Southern-style breakfast, featuring a lot of bacon grease, fresh handmade biscuits, the sharpest of sharp cheddars, and homemade fig jam made from figs grown in a Mississippi back yard.
  • Song to start the day: “King of Wishful Thinking” by Go West, both because the title is so positive and the melody so very infectious.
  • Superpower of choice: being the comic book nerd that I am, I know that The Hulk’s superhuman strength allows him to leap massive distances, essentially flying, and with the said strength, he does not need to be invisible.  So, the superhuman strength seems like a three for one deal!