Harry Worrall

Harry Worrall

Elmira College, BS, NY, 1979

Humanities, Hockey, Golf.

Harry’s briefcase holds years of independent school experience – as a student, teacher, and parent. Harry teaches and coaches keeping in mind the model of one of his own hockey coaches. “Every instruction was delivered in a positive tone, with a solution to do it better, typically with a quiet arm on your shoulder. He cared deeply about our improvement and celebrated our accomplishments. He always focused on the positive, never dwelled on the negative. He did a lot to teach me patience and understanding.” When off duty, Harry is apt to jump on his motorcycle towards North Haven Island, Maine. His Goldendoodles have decided that hopping in the car with Harry’s wife, Vicki, is a wiser plan.

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By the way...

  • Go-to comfort food: I love the good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Wonder Bread with potato chips. I have to make it because I am very particular about how much peanut butter and how much jelly goes on, and more importantly, it has to be spread evenly and touch all edges and corners of the bread, without going over.
  • Favorite Winchendon event: Winch vs. Cushing hockey game is always exciting for me. I love watching the students rally behind the school, explicitly demonstrating school spirit. The healthy competition between the two student bodies on the ice and in the stands, is fun and healthy.
  • Favorite place and books on hand: My favorite place is a place called Mill River, which is right near my home in North Haven, Maine. It is a tidal area that may be one of the most painted areas of Maine. The two books I would like to find there, in addition to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the Bible, would be: The Old Man and the Sea, Mutiny on the Bounty, To Kill a Mockingbird for sure, and Animal Farm.
  • Song to start the day:Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes