Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth Peterson

Wheaton College, BA, MA, 2015

Math, Basketball, Theatre & Acting, Dorm Parent.

Beatboxer, ukulele player, TED talker, playwright, and singer…those are all part of Elizabeth’s world. The concept of interdisciplinary learning isn’t just a catchphrase for Elizabeth – she makes it happen by “teaching mathematics through a theatrical and literary lens and studying English and theatre through an exploration of the math and science of our words and ourselves.” You just never know what might happen in Ms. Peterson’s classroom – she just might combine math, Shakespeare, and a little a cappella.

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By the way...

  • On the bucket list: My personal goal (over my lifetime) is to memorize a monologue from every Shakespeare play. I have five or six right now- thirty more to go!
  • Which Winch class or ColLAB would you most like to take: Mr. Magee’s Post-Apocalyptic Fiction class
  • Song to start the day: “Morning Person” from Shrek
  • Minutiae: Once translated all of Beowulf from the original Old English