Elizabeth Perkins

Elizabeth Perkins

Washington University, BFA, MO, 2015

Humanities, Art Portfolio, Studio Art, Dorm Parent.

Now here’s an interesting combination – an artist and a water polo goalie. Those are just two of many talents found in Liz’s portfolio. She is both an artist and an adventurer having studied in Italy and climbed the Grand Tetons. In the studio under Liz’s gentle and kind guidance students develop their creative confidence. This leads them to explore and attempt new mediums and disciplines not only in the studio but also in other facets of their academic life.

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By the way...

  • Favorite Winchendon tradition: I really enjoy the Winter Holiday Dinner. The advisees have all become really comfortable with each other by that point, and there’s such a cozy and welcoming tone for the meal. It feels like you’re dining with one big happy family!
  • On the bucket list: Travel to Iceland and Australia
  • Song to start your day: “Get Ready For This” by 2 Unlimited
  • Which Winchendon class or ColLAB would you most like to take: Street Art: If Walls Could Talk (shameless plug for my Spring ColLAB about graffiti and other types of street art- It was a blast.