Daniel Chretien

Daniel Chretien

University of Rhode Island, BA, RI, 1991

Athletic Director, Math, Softball, Summer E-Project.

“Winners get to the top and turn around to see those they have defeated.  Leaders get to the top and turn around and help others achieve the same.” -Dan Church. Every day this sentiment guides Dan whether he is in the classroom or orchestrating athletics. He and his wife, Keeley (Winchendon’s College Counseling Office), have four children: Nathan ’12 & PG ’13, Natalie, Sophie ’19, and William. As if the house isn’t full enough, they also have a dog, two cats, and bees. With his integration of the stock market and economics in his classrooms, Dan’s students see and grasp the concepts and practicalities of math.

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By the way...

  • Globetrotting adventure: the Azores
  • Music to start the day: Any and all but especially Rock ‘n Roll!
  • Favorite escape and book on hand: New Hampshire in the summer and A Short History of Nearly Everything
  • Heroes: Dwight Eisenhower for his leadership, George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson for their brilliance and resolution, and Abraham Lincoln for his foresight and virtuousness