Beth Ingham

Beth Ingham

Simmons College, BA, BS, MA, 1979

Science, Farm Service, Mind, Body & Nutrition.

Not every school can boast a science teacher who was a Buddhist nun and who walked India and Nicaragua, but Winchendon can because it has Beth! She has also been an adherent of organic farming for over 25 years. Her Winchendon, MA farm “walks the walk” – it annually donates thousand of pounds of organic vegetables to local food pantries and action councils.

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By the way...

  • Favorite Winchendon tradition: Winter Carnival
  • On the bucket list: Cuba and the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland
  • Superpower of choice: We can already fly…planes work, right? Enough of being invisible, especially for women and people of color. We need to be highly visible!  And, superhuman strength, well, it is the human possibility to awaken to what is already given yet has not been realized.
  • Go-to comfort food: Butternut squash soup with a dollop of Creme Fraiche.
  • Which Winchendon class or ColLAB would you most like to take: Chinese Calligraphy
  • Thoughts on teaching: “There is a direct link between our mind or inner world and the outer world of space around us. When we move we are in constant play with the forces and meaning of the space around us.“ Movement for Childhood