Alicia Jordan

Alicia Jordan

St. Lawrence University, MEd, NY, 2002
St. Lawrence University, BA, NY, 2000


Humanities, Dean of Students.

Underneath that Dean of Students’ exterior lurks Alicia’s wry sense of humor, an essential ingredient for that job! When school is out Alicia might be found on the golf course, cooking, hiking, or traveling with her spouse, Shannon Stacy (Winchendon’s Residential Life Director). Alicia’s agile mind and wit are ever present in her classroom. From her Alaskan mountain climbing to travels in Borneo, Malaysia, and Thailand it is clear that Alicia is an explorer, but for this New York native home is still the best place to be. Fortunately for Winchendon, her home is here!

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By the way...

  • Go to comfort food: This is terrible – my mom’s meatloaf. (When she makes it, it is the rare occasion where I cheat regarding my vegetarian lifestyle…)
  • Song to start the day: “Empire State of Mind”
  • Superpower of choice: Superhuman strength. I think it means I would be in better shape, physically.
  • Favorite place and books on hand: At my home reading Bossypants, Running With Scissors, The Presidents’ Club, and Destiny of the Republic.
  • Which Winchendon class or ColLAB would you take: The ColLAB that is reviewing restaurants! I love food and cooking.