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Family Weekend 2018

We’re looking forward to having you all back on campus on October 5 and 6. All parents are encouraged to join the College Admission Roundtable: Trends in College Admissions. The college admissions landscape is undergoing a change. Learn about Financial Aid, standardized testing dos and don’ts (and which tests if any your student must take),…

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Cayla Barnes Speaks to TWS Girls’ Varsity Hockey Team

Being told you’re not good enough to make the team was hard to bounce back from Cayla Barnes told The Winchendon School’s Girl’s Varsity Hockey Team, but the 5’1″ player from California left the Olympic tryouts,  packed up, and headed to Boston College to start her freshman year. And then a funny thing happened. Five…

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The New School Year at TWS | Brooklyn

Listen to The Winchendon School | Brooklyn head of school Sean Duncan speaking about the start of the school year and the students at the school. The students and teachers jumped right into exploring their new setting and classes. Check out a recent science lab collaboration with Winchendon | Brooklyn here.

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Trends in College Admissions Roundtable During Family Weekend

If you believe today’s college admission process closely mirrors your own college search, you need to think again as today’s college prep looks a lot different. Join Us October 6th during The Winchendon School’s Family Weekend October 5th and 6th as we explore Trends in College Admissions. Joined by representatives from some of the most sought…

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What I Did Over Summer Vacation

By Sophie Frushell ’17 I was daunted when I returned home from my first year away at college to find a horde of college kids just like me scrambling to claim the few summer jobs available. Luckily, Mr. Kerney and I had discussed an internship opportunity in the admissions and marketing department in January. I…

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Teaching Strength of Character: A Speaker Series

Sam Drazin - Speaker Series

WINCHENDON, MA: Today, The Winchendon School announced the start of the next speaker series beginning with talks by three inspiring individuals. Sam Drazin will kick off the series on September 17th as he discusses his experience living with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a rare congenital disorder resulting in both facial anomaly and hearing loss. This summer,…

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Of Bishop, Nock & Street Art: A ColLAB Story

A Street Art Story

“Street artists aren’t trying to push any sort of message. They’re trying to make their audience think and everyone has their own interpretation,” Nan E.’21 emphasized during her presentation at the ColLAB symposium. Nan was among several students who traveled to New York City to study street art and to learn about today’s artists. There…

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Using Failure in Order to Teach Success

Intern, using failure

Noah S. ’17 has it all figured out. The Computer Science major has his course load for the next three years and he knows starting his own company after he receives his Masters is his best path to achieve his goals. More importantly, Noah understands the importance of failure to learn success. This principle was…

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