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In Massachusetts Head of School, Laurie Lambert’s latest video chat, she discussed how the School’s weekly newspaper, “Wapiti Weekly” hasn’t missed a beat since the School went online. The reason for that is the dedication of the student staff and faculty. Kylee McCumber is one of the student editors. Kylee was also recognized earlier this year by WCVB in Boston as an A+ Student for her work with her non-profit Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz. That work earned her state and then national recognition as the Massachusetts honoree of The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program. In what should be no surprise to anyone, Kylee’s story was picked up by the national media. After an interview with People magazine, the story was picked up by CNN. You can watch it May 16th at 7PM on CNN.

We’re excited to see where her adventures take her after graduation on May 23rd.