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Have you ever played Battleship using Morse code? It’s an example of what we mean when we say “#thewinchway.” Here, classes are active and students are engaged. Dr. Friedman’s students are learning about technological and economic innovations of the late 19th-century. They were asked to consider how industrial development affected America. Late Nineteenth-Century America brought various economic and technological changes. The telegraph facilitated communication and commerce over long distances. Typified in John Gast’s painting, “American Progress”, the telegraph was a catalyst and a harbinger of changes to come. Students experienced telegraph communication firsthand as Dr. Friedman built telegraph terminals so students could use Morse code to communicate. Specifically, students played a game of Battleship using Morse code. -.– — ..- … ..- -. -.- — -.– -… .- – – .-.. . … …. .. .–. How cool is that?