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What is ColLAB? ColLAB is student-made Korean pancakes on a Thursday afternoon, a tour of a one-man guitar making workshop on Wednesday, The MET to see Middle Eastern Art, seeing a hip hop video being shot outside your Airbnb, building a computer or music pedal, sketching your own designs, animating your own graphic novel, training your new puppy to be a service animal, or cleaning priceless historical artifacts.

There is no one way to describe ColLAB because it’s based on the diverse interests of our students and faculty. ColLAB just passed the middle point of the nearly two week student driven period, and students and faculty advisors are busy readjusting schedules, confirming trips, getting those last exterior shots, and another trip to Home Depot.

Taking advantage of our two campuses, a group of Brooklyn students departed last Monday morning to participate in various ColLABs taking place on campus and to experience boarding school life for two weeks. This year, a group of Massachusetts-based students and faculty traveled to New York. Mr. Holby and Ms. Tresca made the trip down with students and are running the Making the Music video ColLAB. The two campuses have been preparing for the Winter ColLAB session since the start of the school year, meeting regularly on Friday mornings.

Students will present what they’ve been working on at ColLAB Symposium on Thursday afternoon to their families, friends, and guests of the school. The symposium is followed on Friday by time put aside for reflection on the learning and growth, mistakes and triumphs of the past two weeks.