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A poster advertising The Putnam COunty Spelling Bee at The Winchendon School during ColLAB

Over 300 students taking 25 teacher-led immersive study projects plus students in internships and independent study ColLABs means January is busy at The Winchendon School.

Come on campus during the first two weeks of January and you may believe school is not session – but that’s as far from the truth as you can get. Students have moved across campuses and the country in order to explore, learn, and connect in courses as diverse as Arabic Language, Culture, Street Art, and Protest Movements, Coastal Ecology and Climate Justice, (both in New York) and Sporting Stereotypes & Breaking Barriers: The Role of Gender in U.S. Athletics (in Massachusetts). As you walk across campus you’ll find transplanted New Yorkers from the Brooklyn campus taking a ColLAB and living in the dorms in Winchendon. But it’s not only the students who have moved between campuses, in NY you’ll find Mr. Holby and Ms. Tresca teaching a collection of students from Massachusetts and New York, fulfilling the promise of utilizing both campuses.

What to Watch:

Keep an eye on Instagram to follow along each ColLAB – and if you’re near Massachusetts, come see the production of The Putnam County Spelling Bee staged in only two weeks! (Wednesday the 15th on-campus in Trustees Hall – free and open to the public).