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Isadore’s mom made two different types of scones. Chelsea’s mom was up until 3:00 AM making lasagne. Lane’s mom dropped off the turkey. Kaiya brought 7up. Mr. Bellows woke up at 5:00 AM to make brussel sprouts and an apple plum pie. Niara made tofu in two different types of BBQ sauce, yes two. Schuyler made Swedish meatballs with noodles and lingonberry sauce. Faith brought in pies, Jayleen brought in Doritos, and Annie made brownies and so on. It was quite a spread for the first Brooklyn campus Students of Color Potluck. By the time the potluck ended, the two large tables on the main floor were covered with everything from mashed potatoes, peas and rice green bean casserole and every dessert one could imagine.

SoC members Misora O. ‘22 and Anabella A. ‘20 explained that students were encouraged to bring meals that are representative of their family backgrounds, regions, or favorite dishes. While students usually go to the deli or market around the corner at lunchtime, it was a full house for the potluck as everyone sat together to enjoy one last meal together before Thanksgiving break. 

During advisory last week, students and faculty wrote notes of gratitude and they were distributed during the meal as an added bonus. Throughout the day, students and faculty nibbled on dishes they had missed or had seconds or even thirds of their favorite dishes. Thank you to all of the faculty, students, and families for the incredible food.