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By: Kylee M.’20

October 17, 2019, marked the 30th anniversary of the United Nations implementing the human rights obligations and laws for children. With that, Kylee M. ‘20, Caitlin M. ‘20, Mr. Byrne, and Mrs. Friedman traveled to New York City for the day to participate in the United Nations International Day to Obliterate Poverty. Upon arrival in New York City, our Winchendon students met with the students and several faculty members from our Brooklyn campus; two of the faculty members were Mr. Magee and Ms. Kang, previous teachers at the Winchendon campus. The UN held a presentation in a General Assembly room which allowed for all of the students and faculty to experience what an official United Nations conference looks like. Several speakers from all over the world presented on the different aspects of poverty and the struggles that poverty has imposed on children in various communities. In addition to speakers from Madrid, Spain and Jakarta, Indonesia, the ambassadors for Burkina Faso and France also spoke on the issue. After the indoor ceremony, the audience transitioned outside for the presentation of the Commemorative Stone. To close out the presentation, “Forget Me Not” flower seeds were given out to honor those who have fought and continue to fight to reduce poverty faced by youth around the world. It was truly a pleasure to participate in an event of this scale while being surrounded by change-makers and such knowledgeable people. We are looking forward to more opportunities of working together with our Brooklyn campus, especially at the upcoming Model United Nations conferences