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Armand, a filmmaker from France, visited Mr. Holby’s Filmmaking ColLAB class. A senior in high school and a world traveler to boot, Armand screened several of his travel films in class. In one of his films, Armand traveled to NYC, and spent twenty-four hours exploring the city, capturing everything from the Brooklyn Bridge to the New York subway. Students asked Armand about his technique, and why he does what he does. “I love the city, and I love to travel,” Armand said.

In January of 2020, the Filmmaking ColLAB will be traveling to Winchendon’s NYC campus in Brooklyn, NY. There, the students will produce music videos that capture the life of the city and will give the filmmakers the chance to produce films in a living urban environment.  Winchendon’s NYC campus has opened up a window of opportunity for these young filmmakers, all of whom will be attending this same filmmaking course during their two week ColLAB period in January. Stay tuned on their progress in the months to come. You can explore videos from previous Winchendon Filmmaking ColLABs here. You can learn more about Winchendon’s innovative ColLAB program here

Armand’s Youtube channel:
Armand’s NYC video: