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At The Winchendon School, we measure student success beyond the classroom. We choose to celebrate and recognize all the outstanding things students accomplish, including examples of being resilient, our core value of the year.  Congratulations to Luke B.’20 on receiving the first award for resilience this year.

The faculty nomination shows exactly why Luke was honored. In watching a home cross-country meet, a faculty member noticed three distinct groups of runners go by. The first group flew by, the second group came along a few minutes later, sometime after that there was the third group of cross-country runners, who had chosen to walk to the finish line – as they seemed to have given up on the race. And then there was Luke. He came running along… never choosing to walk, and with his schoolmates cheering him on he finished. While the other runners ahead of him had already given up, Luke stood (and ran) as a model of what we should all attempt to be.

Congratulations, Luke!