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Thanksgiving in September: A Global Dynamics Story

Happy Thanksgiving!! Correction, Happy Korean Thanksgiving!! While American Thanksgiving is about two months away, students in Global Dynamics I (GD 1) prepared and cooked traditional Korean Thanksgiving food to honor the holiday which was on September 13th. At our NYC campus, the GD 1 class known as an Immersive meets biweekly in four-hour blocks allowing teachers to frequently take students off campus to visit museums, experience cultural events, partake in field studies, or delve into activities requiring more time than traditional classroom periods often allow.

The class of largely freshman were divided into two groups. Ms. Kang and Mr. Bellows oversaw the chopping, peeling, and mixing of the ingredients needed for the pancakes while Ms. Legro had students researching the history, social, political, religious, and cultural aspects of Korea. It wasn’t long before the smell of chives, onions, carrots and sweet flour, cornstarch, and water wafted throughout the main floor. All in all, the GD 1 class made 8 traditional pancakes and spiced things up with one made with Kimchi. And of course, there was a dessert…