The “Let’s Chat” Series at TWS

As Jarid B. ’17 described it, it’s fitting that the “Let’s Chat” series of personal, semi-autobiographical lectures from both staff members and students is conducted from the podium in the communal Dining Hall, just under the banner that reads: Courageous.

Jarid was just the latest Winchendon School speaker in the series— and the first student to present after such staff members as Dean of Students Alicia Jordan and teacher Patrick Englehardt, to name a couple of previous speakers— which aims to bring the community a little closer together through tales of growing up, overcoming adversity, or simply sharing love and humor.

And the topics aren’t just reserved for individually intimate exposés either: Mr. Englehardt’s lecture steered the morning Community Meeting crowd through an exciting timeline of our Earth’s history, from primordial rumblings in the ocean to the advent of humans, while Ms. Jordan and Jarid took a more microcosmic route through their own family history and life adventures.

The Winchendon School prides itself on fostering personal connections and a safe, enveloping family environment.  The brave, inviting souls that command the podium for these talks have made it easier for all TWS folks to open up to one another, initiate conversations, and listen.  What better reason to chat?


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