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A better way to do high school since 1926

We want you and the rest of our students to be as close to the “learning action” as possible - developing great writing skills with a teacher one period, and then ten minutes later, learning by doing meaningful work in the community. You and your fellow students will learn quantitative problem solving skills (math - even if it isn’t the favorite subject!), but those skills will have much greater meaning when practiced in an internship or a community-based project rather than just in the classroom. The research is clear that you will learn and retain more information if the topic matters to you. It is our job to make your high school experience as personally meaningful to you as possible - while guiding and supporting you in acquiring the skills and habits that will allow you to flourish in school, college, and beyond.

English, math, science, history and languages are important - even very important - but they are more interesting to learn, easier to learn, and often even fun to learn - if they are developed in the context of topics, projects and experiences that are most meaningful to you.

Winchendon is a better way to do high school - and to become better prepared for the amazing opportunities that lie ahead for you.

Global Dynamics

The core component of the humanities curriculum, Global Dynamics provides an integrated study of different regions of the world: Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the United States. Students examine history, art, literature, policy, and sociology to grapple with the forces of human nature - what unites and divides us. Think of it as an extended “behind the headlines” program, where our students get to dive into the details of current international events.

L2 Students Learning GD



ColLABorative (short for Collaborative Laboratory) Courses are elective style workshops that culminate in interdisciplinary, immersive, collaborative projects. We offer opportunities for hands-on and field-based study to get students out of the classroom and into the real world.  Students select from a range of ColLAB projects, all of which emphasize fundamental skills and habits central to The Winchendon School: character, collaboration, initiative, risk-taking, persistence, just to name a few. Recent ColLabs include:

  • Startup! Crafting a Business from Start to Finish
  • Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  • Jurassic Park in Winchendon’s Back Yard: Paleontology in Action
  • KPOP! A Field Study in Korean Pop Culture
  • Living and Learning on the Long Trail: Ecology and Wilderness Ethics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Crisis 1775: Preparing for Revolution
  • Internships and independent study in medicine, business, video production, design, marine biology, animation

ColLABs are the ultimate electives.  

Service Learning

A project-based, contextualized course where students identify a problem or an issue in the community around them and then work to fix it. This is where student interests reign supreme, from the theater to animal rights to mentoring neighbors on tech skills--whatever it is that you and your fellow students feel the community or the world need. You and your friends put together the ideas, resources, and plan to make it happen.   A few recent projects include:

  • Food Waste: Recycling Food Waste into Chicken Feed
  • Theater for Change: An After- School Theater Program for Elementary Students
  • Local Poverty & Homeless Group: Hosted Community Dinners
  • Music for Change: Providing Musical Instruments for Children
  • Soccer for Change: Raised Money for Local Soccer Clinic
L2 Students Learning SL
L2 Stud Learning Essentials (1)


In addition to Global Dynamics, Service Learning, and ColLABs, there are the “essential” subjects: math, science, composition and rhetoric, Spanish or French - from introductory levels right through AP (Advanced Placement) as well as college-level courses.   And if you don’t see the course that you are looking for in our curriculum, we will help you access it another way. Winchendon is a member of the Hybrid Learning Consortium (HLC), a group of leading schools around the world that share courses and teachers.  You can find almost anything that you want to take through the HLC, ranging from Arabic to AP Psychology to Multivariable Calculus. We are committed to helping you put together the learning experience that will be most meaningful helpful to you.

A world-class, innovative curriculum —
custom tailored to you.


Experiential learning is at the forefront of our students’ favorite experiences, including ColLABs, Global Dynamics, and Service Learning.


Our 1:5 ratio of faculty to students creates a vibrant, passionate, and inspired community.


We work collaboratively with students to establish individual learning plans to optimize his or her experience.

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