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What makes The Winchendon School a better way to do high school?

Research tells us students learn better when they have deep connections with the people who surround them. At The Winchendon School, students can be themselves, discover themselves, and challenge themselves all while building lasting connections in an authentic community.

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We Put An Emphasis on Community

People notice a difference when they meet us. Our students tell us they came to The Winchendon School for the academics and for the engaged, dynamic community they discover here. Like our students, we’d prefer not to use labels. Here, we allow each student to find their place and be a part of something larger.

We see attention as the key to unlocking potential.
How do we do this? Nearly 100 years ago, we said “goodbye” to crowded classrooms. With just 7 to 9 students in most classes, teachers can move away from lectures to work individually with each student, vary classroom activities and approaches, and tailor curriculum to promote engagement and maximize academic progress.

We know if comments come at the end of the semester, that’s too late.
That’s why teachers provide daily, feedback, allowing students to make small adjustments that lead to big results.

Each student is wholly involved in their own educational progress, allowing true personalization.
By encouraging students to pursue focused studies beyond the classroom, we stimulate intellectual curiosity, encourage choice, and make learning fun.

Teachers are trained in understanding and supporting the different ways that students learn. It’s a priority for all of us.
Classes at Winchendon average 7 to 9 students in most courses and this small group size sets the stage for each student to flourish.

We embrace technology and the way it is transforming the world.
Most of all, we embrace the way technology can help our students learn better, follow their passions, and develop the skills and competencies they will need in the evolving and competitive high-tech economy.

One School, Two Campuses
Our students get the best of both worlds. They can live and learn at our beautiful MA campus and take advantage of our facilities, space, and amenities, they’ll also come knowing that when they need their urban fix, they will have opportunities to head to NYC or Boston for workshops, events and other programs.  Access to the distinct advantages of our multiple campuses will make each student’s high school education richer and more compelling.

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