Winchendon Merit Scholarships

Winchendon Merit Scholarships

For the 2019-2020 school year, Winchendon will award select students financial assistance based on their academic achievements. Scholarships range from $2,500 - $20,000 and are automatically renewed for each school year.*

Scholarship Overview

Winchendon seeks to recognize and nurture students who exemplify what it is to be a great student, and who will flourish academically and be a contributing member of the Winchendon School community. The Winchendon Merit Scholarship is awarded to a select number of students applying to ninth, tenth, or eleventh grade who meet or exceed academic requirements

Chosen applicants will exhibit strong leadership skills and the potential to develop into dynamic role models within the school community. Recipients are not precluded from obtaining additional financial assistance should the family qualify for financial aid.

Who is eligible

Those applicants who are eligible will:

  • Be applying to ninth, tenth or eleventh grade as a day or boarding student
  • Be leaders who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and citizenship
How to Apply
  • Complete an application for admission by January 15
  • MERIT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION and essay  were due on February 1

Students will be notified of their scholarship status in mid-February along with their admission decision.

* Scholarships are renewed each year of the student's career at Winchendon, provided recipients maintain a high academic average and good citizenship

Winchendon Community Scholarship

The Winchendon Community Scholarship is one of the many ways we honor and support our relationship with the residents of Winchendon and the adjacent towns of Gardner, Ashburnham, Royalston, Templeton, Fitzwilliam NH, and Rindge NH.

Established in 2010, the selected candidates are awarded a scholarship that covers ninety percent of the cost of tuition to attend Winchendon as a day student. Selection for the award is based on scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and the potential to contribute positively both to the School and the greater community. The Winchendon Scholars Program is limited to twelve scholar positions in all grades at any one time.

To qualify, prospective and current Winchendon Scholars must:

  1. Prospective students/applicants must be entering the 9th or 10th grade;
  2. Have at least a B+ average in their current school and no lower than a B- in any core course;
  3. Be an enthusiastic athlete, participating in at least two competitive sports while at Winchendon;
  4. Have exhibited excellent social and leadership skills;
  5. Maintain a B average while attending Winchendon; and
  6. Be in excellent social standing while attending Winchendon.

Applicants must have completed an application to attend Winchendon, including an on-campus interview, and must be accepted to attend Winchendon by the Director of Admission and the Admissions Committee.  The parents of these students will not be required to apply for financial aid, and are not required to qualify for financial aid. A family may apply for financial aid to cover the remaining tuition balance if necessary.

Winchendon Legacy Scholarship

Since the school’s founding, The Winchendon School has a long history of recognizing the value and strength of its Alumni community. In doing so, we would like to celebrate those families whose hope it is for The Winchendon School to remain part of their family tradition.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, The Winchendon School will be offering two merit-based legacy scholarships for children, grandchildren of The Winchendon School alumni who will be entering grades 9-PG, as a boarding student.

The Legacy Scholarship covers the difference in cost between a day and 7-day boarding tuition. Eligible families may also apply for additional need-based financial aid. Applicants who have completed their admission application by January 15 and been identified by the Admission Committee as a potential candidate for the Legacy Scholarship will be notified by February 15th if they were chosen as a recipient.


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