Commitment to Diversity

The insights of students from different cultures, backgrounds, and points of view are what make each class dynamic. We pride ourselves on having classes with diversity; after all, when there are fewer than 8 students in a class, personal perspectives keep things interesting.


English As A Second Language (ESL)

The ESL program at the Winchendon School is designed to promote the acquisition of social English and basic interpersonal communication skills to effectively interact with people on a daily basis. Emphasis is placed upon Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) to help students attain the level of English necessary to achieve academic success here and at the university level. To accomplish this, our ESL program is intensive with beginning, intermediate, and advance study in the following areas: Literature, Reading Comprehension, English, Writing, History, and Speaking. Our ESL students are required to speak English throughout the academic day and encouraged to use English as often as possible in their free time to truly master the language.

Summer School:

A Blend of Academics & Fun

Our summer school option for international students combines language, cultural immersion, learning strategies, and communication skills in a fun yet rigorous program. This six-week program earns one credit in English as a Second Language (ESL) upon successful completion.

Students attend intensive language and culture classes in the morning then have structured study times in the evenings to foster critical learning strategies for academic success with the support of our faculty. In addition, we coordinate experiential field trips for our students to travel throughout New England to explore important historical and cultural sites as a group.

In addition to classroom work and field trips, students engage in a range of athletic and creative programs in the afternoon. They can work with coaches to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other intramural sports. We also offer drawing and painting classes. Finally, weekends are filled with fun trips to local beaches, into Boston, and more.