An interactive, and in-depth study of international relations.

Global Dynamics: International Relations in Action

As a proudly diverse and international prep school in Massachusetts, we place high value on our students’ ability to see beyond news headlines. Our flagship Global Dynamics (GD) program encourages students to think about the forces at play behind the headlines they may see on international news sites. A blend of interactive projects, policy, history, and sociology, GD courses offer students a way to think critically about the world around them.


A Blended Study of Relevance

Each semester is tailored to reflect the biggest issues of the day, so students can dive deep into matters that are most directly relevant to them today.

Interactive Projects: Being able to develop a point-of-view and argue coherently for it.

Policy: Diving into the nuance of why things are the way they are.

History: Uncovering the historical context of current events.

Sociology. Understanding the human and cultural factors at play.

Humanities: The role of language, art, and literature in shaping human thought.

International Perspectives Inside the Classroom

With a uniquely international student body, Global Dynamics at The Winchendon School is truly both global and dynamic in perspective. For example, there is something powerful about students from the former Eastern Block countries weighing in on US-Soviet relations in a small, diverse classroom of eight students. A few favorite areas of study include:

  • Cultural influences from Mogul Dynasty of India
  • Visit to Peace Pagoda and Asian Art Collection at Fitchburg Art Museum
  • Rise and spread of Ancient Civilizations in Mesopotamia
  • Religious influences on the culture and government of The United States
  • Impact of globalization across time and place from ecological, political, philosophical, and economic perspective
  • Scope and influence of European Literature from profound writers of the 20th and 21st Centuries: Victor Hugo (Les Miserables), Gunter Grass (The Tin Drum), and William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet"
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Project Profile: United States Election 2016

The 2016 election swept the country’s national conversation, and The Winchendon School was no different. Our faculty crafted an election-focused program - including understanding the complex electoral process, defining the exact roles of the Presidency and Vice Presidency, outlining candidates strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating policy positions. This culminated in holding a mock election complete with candidate posters and a ballot box.

Grapple With Human Nature

Global Dynamics courses provide students with the opportunity to delve deeply into historical actions and attitudes, and the literary achievement, art, and cultural dimensions that flowed from them. In all levels of GD, students grapple with the forces that define human nature and character, that divide and unite us.

  1. Examine Media: Through a wide array of written, auditory, and visual media, students explore the actions, attitudes, and antics of humankind to consider how they have defined the course of history.
  2. Truly Global: These courses expose students to past and present events and works from Asia in GD I, the Middle East and Africa in GD II, and the United States in GD III. GD IV allows students to choose from English electives and requires all students to take a Cases course in history that examines various theoretical approaches to US foreign policy.
  3. Introspective: In GD IV, students are encouraged to examine their own experiences with revolution, discrimination, and class and personally apply them to theories about the way Americans are addressing significant global challenges.
  4. Curriculum Integration: The Global Dynamics (GD) courses are double-block integrated English and History classes equal to two credits.