When every student has a champion, everyone wins.

Individualization begins with our Learning Advocates

We pride ourselves on our customized learning plans. Each student’s plan takes a holistic view of his or her strengths, growth areas, and learning challenges to identify opportunities to optimize their learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Learning Advocates work collaboratively with other staff - including teachers, coaches, and mentors - to ensure each student is in the most productive environment possible. Our goal is to continually track progress towards independent high performance.


What is a Learning Advocate?

The Learning Advocate is available as an extra academic guide and special advisor to a student needing specific guidance or support. The Learning Advocate works alongside the student to develop individual learning or coping strategies, coordinates best practices with teachers, and communicates with each member of a given student’s team and his or her parents.

Evening Study Program (ESP)

Each student in this program works with a designated Evening Study Coach, specifically there to support students with organization, prompts, and skills coaching. The goal for each student in the program is to progress to the point that extra support is no longer needed.



Kelly Harris is our Dean of Academics and Director of Student Support, so in addition to all of her duties supervising most elements of our academic program, she supervises the Learning Advocacy program. She also happens to be a Learning Advocate (LA) herself. We talked to her to get her unique perspective on how we support our students at The Winch and what makes our approach so distinctive and powerful:

"Our Learning Advocacy Program does not pull students out of their classes; instead, our trained professionals observe the students and then give one-on-one feedback.  It is a system that builds student confidence and advocacy while at the same time augmenting skills, reframing old habits, and teaching students better ways to learn.  The goal is for students to grow out of the program and reach their full potential, but we are always there to support them along the way."

  • Laurie Lambert, Head of School

    I've worked in many different independent schools in my career, and the approach to supporting and challenging all students at The Winchendon School is unparalleled. All of our teachers, and those that support them, know that each and every one of our students can not only do well, but can thrive and excel given consistency and positivity.

  • J. Ostroff ‘16

    My learning advocate, Mrs. Harris, and the evening study program have made me a better student and have given me better study strategies. I’ve been able to maintain grades I didn’t think were possible!