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The Winchendon School Academic Curriculum is centered around three core practices:

Meaningful, relevant, and practical learning opportunities

Individualization for essential skill development

Self-Reflection as a means to encourage ownership, awareness, and habits of mind

The design of our curriculum reflects our commitment to ensure that each of our graduates has acquired the core skills of accessing information, problem-solving, developing perspective, and expressing ideas clearly. Academic work purposefully focuses on the acquisition of these essential skills, with students mastering them in the context of intriguing course work, both integrated and discipline specific. The curriculum and classroom practices incorporate learning methods that combine proven approaches with newer delivery techniques based on current brain research. Our distinctive courses illustrate our belief that students benefit most from clearly delineated sequences of skill development learned through engaging and compelling topics and projects.

How we define our practices:

Individualization - An active strategy of responding to the unique needs and aspirations of each student, both in the classroom and beyond

Self-Reflection - A perpetual practice of self-examination and goal setting to propel growth in all facets

Practical Learning - Personally relevant learning experiences that engage and best develop essential skills and habits of mind

Unleash Your True Potential

We are rooted in approaches and subjects that encourage complex thinking, tangible understanding of the world, and advanced study. Tying education to real-world know how is a cornerstone of The Winchendon School education.

In addition to all of the courses taught here on campus by our dynamic teachers, we are partners in the Hybrid Learning Consortium which, "brings together independent schools, teachers and students from around the world with the shared vision to provide best practices of diverse, in-depth and innovative learning." We want our students to be able to access every resource available to them in order to pursue knowledge at all levels, and we are the only school in New England that is part of this unique consortium of schools from around the world.


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2018-2019 Curriculum Guide

A world-class, innovative curriculum — custom tailored to you.

Experiential learning is at the forefront of our students’ favorite experiences, including ColLABs, Global Dynamics, and Service Learning.

Our 1:5 ratio of faculty to students creates a vibrant, passionate, and inspired community.

We work collaboratively with students to establish individual learning plans to optimize his or her experience.