It’s Nice to Meet You

Everyone here wears at least two hats, so we form deep relationships with the students of The Winchendon School. Whether you’re coming in for advice, candy, or some tutoring, it is our enormous privilege to always be here for you.


Fiona Byrne

Boston University, MEd, 2014 Trinity College, BMEd (Dublin, Ireland), 2012 Appointed: 2014
Director of Performing Arts, Director of Summer School, Learning Advocate, Humanities, Languages.

Daniel Chretien

University of Rhode Island, BA, 1991 Appointed: 1997
Athletic Director, Math, Softball, Summer E-Project.

Chantal Claude

Framingham State College, MEd, 2011 Universite Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France, MA, 1996 Universite Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, BA, 1992 Appointed: 2002
Humanities, Languages, Fun Fitness.

Jacques Delorme

Providence College, BS, 1984 Appointed: 2001
Languages, Science, Hockey.

Joanna Draugsvold

Wesleyan University, MALS, 1981 American University, BA, 1973 Appointed: 2008
Humanities, Tennis, Sculpture.

Ottar Draugsvold

Boston University, MA, 1977 University of Wisconsin, BS, 1970 Appointed: 2008
Humanities, Tennis.

Sean Duncan

Middlebury College, MA, 2015 Whitman College, BA, 2005 Appointed: 2008
Founding Head of School for The Winchendon School | Brooklyn, Dean of Curriculum Innovation and Program Transformation, Humanities, Summer E-Project.

Patrick Englehardt

Acadia University, Canada, BSCh, 2013 Appointed: 2016
Science, Outdoor Skills, Robotics, Hiking/Leadership, Dorm Parent.

Robert English

The University of Alabama, BS, 2013 Appointed: 2014
Humanities, Baseball, Intramural Golf, Dorm Parent.

Edward Grueter

University of Massachusetts Amherst, BS, 2010 Appointed: 2014
Science, Swimming, Intramural Golf.

Katie Harkins

American University, MA, BA, 2013 Appointed: 2014
Humanities, Languages, Yearbook, Summer E-Project.

Mary Lee Harrington

Assumption College, BA, 1988 Appointed: 2004
Humanities, College Counseling, Group Fitness, Triathlon Training.

James Harrington ‘09

Boston College, BA, 2015 Appointed: 2015
Humanities, Outdoor Basketball, Skiing & Snowboarding, Lacrosse.

Jon Harris

Johnson State College, MS, 2009 Johnson State College, BA, 2000 Appointed: 2010
Science, Athletic Trainer.

Kelly Harris

Fitchburg State University, MEd, 2006 Fitchburg State University, BS, 2003 Appointed: 2010
Humanities, Dean of Academics and Student Support, .

Elliot Harvey

Dartmouth College, BA, 1987 Appointed: 1991
Math, Science, School Photos.

Abigail Hollander

Union College, BA, 2016 Appointed: 2016
Humanities, Basketball, Lacrosse, Dorm Parent.

Beth Ingham

Simmons College, BA, BS, 1979 Appointed: 2011
Science, Farm Service, Mind, Body & Nutrition.

Miranda Jennings

Clark University, MA, 2007 Clark University, BA, 2004 Appointed: 2014
Spanish, Service Learning Initiative Director.

Alicia Jordan

St. Lawrence University, MEd, 2002 St. Lawrence University, BA, 2000 Appointed: 2012
Humanities, Dean of Students.

Yeonji (Hannah) Kang

Wellesley College, BA, 2015 Appointed: 2015
Math, Model UN, Creative Writing Club/Parlance, Community Outreach Team.

Billy Karis

Humboldt State University, MS, 2014 Connecticut College, BA, 2009 Appointed: 2015
Humanities, Science.

John Kerney

Middlebury College, BA, 1983 Appointed: 2008
Chief Executive Officer.

Laurie Lambert

Middlebury College, MA, 1994 Denison University, BA, 1988 Appointed: 2015
Head of School.

Tony Lambert

Middlebury College, MA, 1996 Davidson College, BA, 1991 Appointed: 2015
Director of College Counseling, Languages, Basketball.

Papa Lo '09

Bryant University, BS, 2011 Appointed: 2012
Math, Soccer, Basketball, Dorm Parent.

Raman Magay

University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA, 2010 Fitchburg State University, BS, 2005 Appointed: 2010
Humanities, Languages, General Fitness, Weightlifting, Summer E-Project, Gym Proctor Program.

Jared Magee

Arkansas Tech University, MA, 2006 Arkansas Tech University, BA, 2005 Appointed: 2013
Humanities, Languages, Math, Science, Model UN, Swimming.

Jonathan Mansfield

University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth, BA, 2015 Appointed: 2015
Math, Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee, Dorm Parent.

Tamara Maravalli

Union College, BA, 2015 Appointed: 2015
Humanities, Soccer, Hockey, Dorm Parent.

Elizabeth Perkins

Washington University, BFA, 2015 Appointed: 2015
Humanities, Art Portfolio, Studio Art, Dorm Parent.

Elizabeth Peterson

Wheaton College, BA, 2015 Appointed: 2015
Math, Basketball, Theatre & Acting, Dorm Parent.

Romona Reid

Michigan State University, MA, 1988 Bennett College, BA, 1979 Appointed: 2015
Humanities, Ceramics, Sculpture, Community Service.

Colby Smith

Amherst College, BA, 2016 Appointed: 2016
Science, Soccer, Skiing/Snowboarding, Dorm Parent.

Shannon Stacy

SUNY Potsdam, BS, 2009 Appointed: 2011
Humanities, Math, Dorm Parent, Residential Life Director.

Brian Troy

Southern New Hampshire University, BA, 2014 Appointed: 2014
Humanities, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Dorm Parent.

Lauren Ward

St. Lawrence University, BA, 2016 Appointed: 2016
Humanities, Hockey.

Harry Worrall

Elmira College, BS, 1979 Appointed: 2013
Humanities, Hockey, Golf.